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Healthy Choices Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $500
Awards Available: 1
Award Deadline: January 30, 2014

To be eligible for the Healthy Choices Scholarship you must be attending an accredited post-secondary institution by the fall of 2013. A student can be enrolled at any level in any program that is two years in length or longer. Additionally, students must be Canadian or U.S. residents. A student must also submit an essay prior to the deadline.

Essay Topic:
Each day you make choices that have a positive or negative impact on your overall well-being. We believe that the more healthy choices you make during your life the better you will do in all aspects of it, including school. Write an essay of 500 words or less outlining the 3 most important things you plan to do to ensure that you are living a balanced and healthy life while attending your post-secondary education. (Please ensure to give your short essay a unique title.)

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Healthy Choices Scholarship

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